Moroni 7:33 - "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Elder Ballard: An Invitation to "Join the Discussion"

Elder Ballard recently spoke at BYU-Hawaii. In his speech, he encouraged all members to "join the conversation" regarding the Church that is occurring via the internet around the world. This speech was modified for publication in the July 2008 Ensign; it is entitled, "Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet". The following are a few excerpts from his words (emphasis added):

"This is the world of the future, with inventions undreamed of that will come in your lifetime as they have in mine. How will you use these marvelous inventions? More to the point, how will you use them to further the work of the Lord?

You have a great opportunity to be a powerful force for good in the Church and in the world. There is truth in the old adage that 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' In many cases it is with words that you will accomplish the great things that you set out to do. And it’s principally about ways to share those words that I want to talk to you."

"Now, may I ask that you join the conversation by participating on the Internet to share the gospel and to explain in simple and clear terms the message of the Restoration."

"As you participate in this conversation and utilize the tools of new media, remember who you are—Latter-day Saints. Remember, as the proverb states, that “a soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger” (Proverbs 15:1). And remember that contention is of the devil (see 3 Nephi 11:29). There is no need to argue or contend with others regarding our beliefs. There is no need to become defensive or belligerent. Our position is solid; the Church is true. We simply need to have a conversation, as friends in the same room would have, always guided by the prompting of the Spirit and constantly remembering the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, which reminds us of how precious are the children of our Father in Heaven."

The Cincinnati Ohio North Stake takes this prophetic counsel seriously and is committed to furthering the work of the Lord as directed by Elder Ballard. To that end, we have created this Stake Blog (as well as the auxiliary blogs linked herein) to strengthen the ties that bind us as brothers and sisters and as the body of Christ and to share the Gospel with our friends, neighbors and associates wherever they reside. We encourage all of the members of our stake to embrace this counsel individually, to participate actively in internet conversations and to become familiar with, create and use modern media tools on their own. We will assist all who desire to do so in whatever way we can, as we seek to build the Kingdom of God in this part of His vineyard.